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Der kleine Ratgeber für die australische Umgangssprache “Aussie Slang”

Hier können Sie die wichtigsten Wörter für den täglichen Gebrauch in Australien nachlesen.

Aussie: Australian
Arvo: afternoon
Barbie: barbecue (noon)
Brekkie: breakfast
Big Smoke: a gig city, like Sydney or Melbourne
Bloke: Man, guy
Bottle shop: liquor shop
BYO: unlicensed restaurant where you can Bring Your Own wine
Click: kilometre – „it’s 10 clicks away“
Cobber: friend
Cozzie: swimming costume
Coldie: a beer
Damper: bread made from flour and water
Cut lunch: sandwiches
Digger: a soldier
Dipstick: a loser, idiot
Dummy, spit the: get very upset at something
Dunny: outside lavatory
Esky: large insulated food/drink container for picnics, barbecues etc
Fair dinkum: true, genuine
Fair go: a chance / break
G’day: hello
Greenie: environmentalist
Grog: liquor, beer
Hooroo: goodbye
Heaps: a lot e.g. “thanks heaps”
Joey: baby kangaroo
Jug: electric kettle
Kindie: kindergarten
Lend of, to have a: to take advantage of somebody’s gullibility, to have someone on
Lippy: lipstick
Lucky Country, The: Australia, where else?
Maccas: McDonald’s
Middy: 285ml beer glass in New South Wales
Mozzies: Mosquito
No drama: No problem, forget about it
No worries: no problem, its OK

Umgangssprache Australien Reisevermittlung Hannover

Nipper: young surf lifesaver
Oz: Australia!
Outback: interior of Australia
Plonk: cheap wine
Postie: postman, mailman
Prezzy: present, gift
Roo: kangaroo
Sheila: women
Spit the dummy: get very upset at something
Smoko: smoke or coffee break
Stubby: a 375 ml, beer bottle
Snag: a sausage
Truckie: truck driver
Unit: flat, apartment
Ute: utility vehicle, pickup truck
Uni: university
Vedgies: vegetables
Veg out: relax in front of TV (like a vegetable)
Vee dub: Volkswagen
Wuss: coward, nervous person or animal
XXXX: pronounced Four X, brand of beer made in Queensland
Yabber: talk (a lot)